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React Health to Add V-Com to New CPAP Orders in United States

React Health has entered into a distribution agreement with SleepRes LLC to provide SleepRes’ recently launched V-Com CPAP accessory with new React Health positive airway pressure orders in the United States. The V-Com, placed between the CPAP mask and the CPAP hose, reduces inspiratory pressure and flow…

Video Testimonials

Eugene Scarberry

Eugene Scarberry Retired Senior Staff Engineer at Philips-Respironics (35 Years) Gene was part of the first commercial patent for CPAP and integral to the team that invented BiPAP.

Cale Baskin

Cale Baskin Physician Assistant, Sleep Medicine (3 Years)

Bryan Hughes

Bryan Hughes RPSGT (27 Years)

Molly Puckett

Molly Puckett CPAP Setup Coordinator

Allen Manus

Allen Manus Respiratory Therapist, Sleep Medicine (22 Years) Veteran’s Administration

Carmen Keasling

Carmen Keasling RPSGT (20 Years)