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RT Sleep World: ‘History and Future of PAP Therapy’ Webinar

From Read original In this free webinar, ‘History and Future of PAP Therapy’, earn one CSTE credit while learning about PAP Therapy from Dr. William H. Noah In the webinar, Dr. William H. Noah will detail the relationship between pressure flow and resistance, the effects of…

Video Testimonials

Eugene Scarberry

Eugene Scarberry Retired Senior Staff Engineer at Philips-Respironics (35 Years) Gene was part of the first commercial patent for CPAP and integral to the team that invented BiPAP.

Cale Baskin

Cale Baskin Physician Assistant, Sleep Medicine (3 Years)

Bryan Hughes

Bryan Hughes RPSGT (27 Years)

Molly Puckett

Molly Puckett CPAP Setup Coordinator

Allen Manus

Allen Manus Respiratory Therapist, Sleep Medicine (22 Years) Veteran’s Administration

Carmen Keasling

Carmen Keasling RPSGT (20 Years)