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RT Sleep World: ‘History and Future of PAP Therapy’ Webinar

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In this free webinar, ‘History and Future of PAP Therapy’, earn one CSTE credit while learning about PAP Therapy from Dr. William H. Noah

In the webinar, Dr. William H. Noah will detail the relationship between pressure flow and resistance, the effects of PAP on the body, an understanding of the PAP circuit, as well as the future of controlling the PAP circuit to improve outcomes. He’ll cover the following primary learning objectives: 

Grasping pressure, flow, and resistance like Rock, Paper, Scissors.

It is common to misunderstand the relationship between pressure flow and resistance. Dr. Noah will explain how to correctly understand and take advantage of these relationships to improve the care of their patients. 

Understanding the effects of PAP on the body. 

PAP has important effects in the pharynx and lungs which are responsible for therapy, but this pressure affects the body in other ways as well. Understanding these effects will improve patient care and reduce problems caused by PAP, and Dr. Noah will help outline these other areas of importance.

Understanding the PAP circuit: Learning from History.

Dr. Noah will also dive into PAP beyond the historical focus on pressure. After the webinar, engaged participants should be able to improve comfort and safety for their patients on PAP therapy. 

Looking to the Future: Improvements in PAP Therapy

The final goal of the webinar is to look at how sleep professionals can change patient outcomes. Dr. Noah will outline a future of controlling the PAP circuit to improve outcomes, from the first step to the last. 

If this session feels like a good learning experience, watch the on-demand replay for free.