New Study: V̇-Com Increases 90 Day CPAP Adherence

V̇-Com increases 90-Day CPAP adherence by 12% and 98% of patients prefer V̇-Com

Sleep Solutions, a regional medical equipment company based in Detroit that specializes in sleep and respiratory care, just completed a trial of 100 patients beginning CPAP. Of those, 50 patients received standard care and 50 patients received standard care with the V̇-Com device (SleepRes, LLC, Murfreesboro, TN) in their CPAP circuit. They found that 12% more of those in the V̇-Com group met the 90-day CMS requirement for adherence.

“Most importantly, this is wonderful for the health of our patients,” said Robyn Parrot, President of Sleep Solutions. “But these results also improve the health of our company. Fewer mask exchanges, happier patients, and more resupply. I think everyone’s adherence rates dropped during COVID. Ours did. But this is great news.”

Sleep Solutions also performed a patient preference investigation. During set-up, new CPAP patients were allowed to experience CPAP at their prescribed pressure both with and without the V̇-Com in their CPAP circuit. In a questionnaire to follow, 98% (n=46/47) preferred the V̇-Com in their circuit and 98% believed the V̇-Com would give them a better chance of long-term adherence.

“Because of the patient preference data, we were feeling ethically obligated to offer the V̇-Com to all our new patients,” Parrot continued. “Now with increased adherence data, we love being obligated, and we are currently reaching out to all of our long-term CPAP patients to give them the opportunity to experience V̇-Com as well.”

“Sleep Solutions just shared their data with us last week,” said Kami Harold, VP of Marketing for SleepRes, who makes the V̇-Com. “We have found similar results in our own data. Having an independent third-party medical company have similar outcomes provides further validation of V̇-Com benefit to patients and medical equipment companies.”

“These results further indicate that all new patients need to experience the V̇-Com™ during CPAP setup and choose for themselves,” said Jason Shiflet, CEO of Home Medical Products, Inc, a large regional medical equipment company in the southeast. “We started off just using V̇-Com with struggling patients and found the addition of a V̇-Com doubled their usage. Now, once we consult the physician, we are using V̇-Com on everyone and preventing the headaches on the front end.”

About SleepRes

SleepRes, LLC is a medical solutions company dedicated to products and technology to advance the field of sleep medicine.  Born out of the COVID-19 pandemic and the CPAP shortage which began in 2021, SleepRes was founded by William H. Noah MD, a pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine physician, to re-evaluate decades of PAP therapy and delivery methods.  V̇-Com is the first product in a series of solutions to be released by SleepRes.  For more information, go to