New Study: V̇-Com Increases 90 Day CPAP Adherence

React Health Partners with SleepRes

SARASOTA, Fla. – React Health has a new distribution agreement with SleepRes to provide V-Com with new CPAP orders in the United States. V-Com is placed between the CPAP mask and hose to reduce inspiratory pressure and flow, providing comfort with minimal to no reduction in expiratory pressure (EPAP). “React Health is committed to providing innovative options to improve comfort and patient tolerance to PAP therapy,” said Clint Geffert, president, commercial operations, Reach Health. “The V-Com is a novel approach that is focused on solving the adherence issues that the industry has struggled with due to patients not being able to tolerate their PAP. As a manufacturer, we are in a unique position to complement the efforts that our DME and physician partners utilize daily to improve patient compliance.” V-Com launched in June 2022.