New Study: V̇-Com Increases 90 Day CPAP Adherence

Sleep Review: The V-Com, ‘Training Wheels for CPAP,’ Aims to Increase CPAP Adherence By Softening Inspiratory Flow

Sleep physician William H. Noah, MD, founder and CEO of V-Com marketer SleepRes LLC, explains how he incorporates the CPAP comfort device into his own practice and the differences he has seen with sleep apnea patients.

William H. Noah, MD, has been focused on CPAP therapy adherence for his entire sleep medicine career.

“As a private practice physician, what you want and all that you can control are your own outcomes,” says Noah, who is boarded in sleep and internal medicine. “Adherence has always been my focus because if patients don’t wear their devices, then it’s all a waste of time and money.”